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Medical treatment of varicose veins

Depending on the stage of the illness, treatment of varicose veins can be medical or surgical.

The four pillars of medical treatment of varicose veins

1. Lifestyle

To prevent varicose veins recommendations include:

  • regularly participating in sport (avoiding jumping on the spot):
    • walking, cycling and swimming are recommended,
    • avoid tennis, basketball and skipping.
  • avoiding overly-tight clothing
  • watching your diet:
    • avoid excess weight,
    • eat more fiber (preventing constipation), foods rich in vitamin E (fatty fish).
  • adapting your posture:
    • avoid standing up for long periods, stamping and crossing your legs,
  • avoiding all forms of heat (sun, hot baths, saunas, Turkish baths or hot wax hair-removal).

2. Compression stockings (or elastic splinting)

Wearing compression stockings is fundamental as the increasing pressure from top to bottom prevents the blood descending into the lower leg.


Great progress in terms of appearance has been made recently in compression stockings.


Several tips can help wearing compression stockings more bearable:

  • putting stockings in the freezer,
  • applying freezing gel to compression stockings,
  • wearing stockings only during the day, for example in the morning and then later in the afternoon or evening,
  • open-foot versions.

3. Vein tonics

Vein tonics are a simple topical treatment of varicose veins.

4. Sclerotherapy


The injection of a substance into the varicose vein irritates the “wall” of the varicose vein (sclerosis) and, due to the irritation of the tunica intima, causes the vein walls to stick together and the vein to close.



Varicose veins of small caliber:

  • without major leakage points,
  • without saphenous or ostial incontinence.



  • simplicity, rapidly effective ,
  • favors access to small caliber varicose veins, known as spider veins
  • easily repeatable.



  • limited to small varicose veins,
  • requires several treatment sessions,
  • possible persistence of a swollen visible vein
  • possible skin pigmentation or allergy,
  • difficult to ensure a permanent solution.


Recent improvements through:


This is an excellent addition, essential in the monitoring of varicose vein surgeries and an improvement cosmetically. In fact, varicose vein surgery should always be supported by sclerotherapy in order to obtain the best possible result from a varicose vein treatment as well as the best cosmetic result.

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