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A cosmetic approach to varicose
vein surgery

A varicose vein surgery can only be considered successful if it produces a cosmetically good result :


- The tumescent local anesthesia allows varicose veins to be operated on without bleeding, thus avoiding hematomas and pain.
- The practice of producing a precise pre-operative cartography of varicose veins enables punctiform micro-incisions to be performed and only unrecoverable veins to be retracted.

It is essentially these two elements combined with a long experience of soft, low-trauma surgery that gives the best results cosmetically.


These days there should be no large, unsightly scars after a varicose vein surgery.

After 2-3 months the micro-incisions will no longer be visible!

These mini-incisions should be punctiform following the folds in the skin. There should never be horizontal scars on the leg as these would cut the skin fibers and would tend to widen. Conversely, longitudinal incisions tend to close by themselves and become invisible. In any event, only very fine resorptive sutures will be used at depth and nothing on the skin apart from Steristrips® (in order to avoid leaving marks).


The absence of hematomas makes marking on the skin unusual.


Performing soft, a-traumatic varicose vein surgery, adapted to remove only veins beyond repair, using a tumescent local anesthesia is the best guarantee of a cosmetically-pleasing result.


The excellent cosmetic results of varicose vein surgery performed under local anesthetic administered to areas of tumefaction enables operations to be performed on:

  • varicose veins in the face,
  • varicose veins around the eyes,
  • varicose veins in the hands,
  • varicose veins in the feet,
  • varicose veins in the chest.

Experience acquired in the field underlines the importance the team attributes to the result from a cosmetic point of view and of fully following all procedures.

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varicose vein surgery

Micro-incision : scar 1mm long with no blood, micro-invasive surgery

varicose vein feet, endoveinous laser

Size of micro-incision : 1mm long

after surgery